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The Hanson Project hit the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma for HDay2018!
Check out the newest, cRaZy-FuN, dancin’ Hanson-fan filled video in The Hanson Project : FANFARE!!

Don’t forget to watch 14 Hanson fans from around the world that came together to create a cover and original music video to Hanson’s song “If Only”!!

Thank you to all who attended our Afterparty at Inner Circle Vodka bar

Who is The Hanson Project?

Recently, Toronto singer/songwriter Barbara Allin, created a personal, grassroots goal for herself; to write a song with MmmBop famed band, HANSON.

Immersing herself into the Hanson universe, Barbara chose 25 facets of Hanson inspiration (coinciding with the bands 25th anniversary), that compelled her to create 25 videos, each released one-a-day, for 25 consecutive days.

The kickoff is a music video cover to Hanson’s “Give A Little”, made with the help of her husband Jason and three boys. This was followed by 24 unique, TOTALLY Hanson-inspired, mostly original music created by Barbara, complete with some fun lyrical and visual twists along the way!


Shortly after the completion of the 25 video series, with her eye still on the prize, Barbara became eager with a new idea for a branch of The Hanson Project she called FANFARE. She put out a casting call to the Hanson fan community, to create a cover of Hanson’s song “If Only” and an original fan-made music video. The end result was 14 women spanning from around the world; from Ireland to Switzerland, New Zealand to the Philippines, throughout the USA and Canada. Now known as The Fanson14!

Beginning with just a vision and a dream, the story of 14 women from around the world grew into one of overcoming obstacles, fears and self-doubt. Of finding courage and pushing limitations, letting go and living from the heart.


Barbara Allin

Creator of The Hanson Project, Residential Counsellor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you to The Fanson14, for your kick-ass courage, your beauty both inside and out and your dedication to this project. You are true representations of courage and strength of a woman. It has been an honour to be able to provide a platform for you all to shine, and shine you have!!! Thank you to HANSON for your endless amounts of inspiration! Your words, your wisdom and your music have helped light my way. Thank you to my husband Jason who put his life on hold to spend months bouncing around ideas with me, filming, editing and jumping in front of the camera when I needed some extra spice! You are amazing! Thank you to the all the Hanson fans out there! Without knowing your passion and dedication to Hanson, the inspiration would have ceased to be.


Shoe & Fashion Sales
Thun, Switzerland

Being a part of this project has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and express myself!
Really take an opportunity to get to know ME!
I love to sing and I’ve made music since I was young.
A Hanson fan since 1997, in 1998 I was inspired by Zac Hanson to learn the drums after hearing him play on the “3 Car Garage” album. I also played drums in a band for three years. Being involved in the creation of this project has inspired me to create a new hobby for myself and learn more about film.


Teachers Assistant, Stay-at-home mom
Maple Plain, Minnesota, USA

A Hanson fan for the past twenty years, I chose to be part of this because I love to sing! It brings me joy and I saw it as an opportunity to lend my voice. This project has allowed me to do something where I can be me! Not a wife, not a mom, just plain ole Chrissy! I need that from time-to-time!


Food & beverage Team Leader
Iloilo, Philippines
currently living in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I love doing things I’ve never done before, like acting and lip syncing in front of the camera. This project means alot to me because we are doing it for Hanson, my all time favourite band!! And I get to share my talents! I love it!!


Pole Fitness Instructor, Stay-at-home mom
Austin, Texas, USA

Since childhood my dream has always been to be a singer. There were opportunities in my youth but with marriage and children, my focus became family. In fall 2017 I saw Hanson during their MOE tour and hearing “I Was Born” legitimately changed my life! They inspired me to challenge myself and to be the change I was to see in my music, my health and my life as a whole. Being a part of this project gave me a chance to focus on my love of singing, my love of Hanson (being a fan since I was 12) and an opportunity to make new friends and do something completely out-of-character for me. It meant pushing my limits, stepping out of my comfort zone and putting forth effort to try something new! It’s empowering and liberating!


Shop Assistant
Lawrence, New Zealand



It’s been amazing coming together with people from across the world, who love Hanson and their music as much as I do!
I’ve been a Hanson fan since 1997 and doing something so unique and different has been an experience I’ll never forget.
I love music, singing and dancing but never made it professionally, so this was my chance to have some fun and feel like I made it!!


Homemaker, former College Student Affairs Officer/Event Manager
Corona, California, USA

I remember hearing MmmBop in ’97 most mornings on my way to school. It would give me the jolt of energy I needed to get me through the day! I’ve been a fan ever since! I saw Barbara’s “Hanson Project” videos and her passion and dedication shined through.  I thought to myself, "I could never do anything like that." Then I saw her post on the Hanson website that she was looking for fans who wanted to sing a cover song and be in the video.  I told myself, "I gotta do it!” Doing this project has given me a sense of confidence knowing that I can still make time for the things that I've always loved (singing, writing and Hanson) while managing the demands of motherhood. It's also been a great way to meet other women who have similar passions.


Health Care Assistant
Cork, Ireland


This is such a unique project and a great opportunity for me to become part of something special!
Living in Ireland, though so far from Hanson’s home base, being a part of this group has allowed me the opportunity to do something surrounding the band I’ve loved, since the first time I’d heard MmmBop, so many years ago! I love to sing! It’s a lot for me to sing for other people and this project gave me a chance to do what I love without having to be in front of a crowd.
It has definitely given me a new found respect for recording artists!


Retail stocker & cashier, Volunteer Co-Admin on “HANSON FANS” FB page
Newnan, Georgia, USA

At first my reasoning for joining in with the project was because it sounded like something cool to work on. It turned into something much more; being connected to thirteen other ladies from around the world, with one common goal. Doing this project pushed me outside of my normal comfort zone. I wouldn’t normally sing a song without music and send it to others! I also wouldn’t do half the things I did for the video! It inspired me to step outside of that box and do something different and fun for myself.


Parent Educator
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I lived in Oklahoma City when Hanson hit the market and they played at the local amusement park (before the release of “Middle Of Nowhere”). I was there and caught the itch for Hanson! Doing this project is so outside of my norm! I am an outgoing person, and I love to sing out loud in the car....but in front of people??? Never! This came about during a really heavy and challenging time in my life where I needed a mental break and something completely fun and loose to focus on. It went beyond regular “Hanson therapy”!


College grad & Stay-at-home mom
Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA

The creator of a worldwide, established Hanson fan Facebook page “HansonFanson Southern Group" and dedicated fanson since 1997, this project holds a special place in my heart! We shared funny moments, struggles and bounced ideas off one another. We’ve worked so hard and had a blast striving to see what we could create! If there is one thing I know it’s that within the Fanson community there are always great opportunities to make wonderful memories and deciding to be a part of this project was an easy decision. Something that means so much to me personally is the support and assistance of my two lil’ Fansons and my husband who, along with my Fanson14 family, helped to create memories that will last forever! I am so proud of what we all have accomplished.

Camille "Cami"

Legal Research
Fairmont, West Virginia, USA


May 5, 1997 I saw the Mmmbop music video on Channel 1 in 7th grade homeroom and it was love at first listen! It was the day before Middle of Nowhere came out and the next day I went to buy it! It's been true love ever since. To me, Hanson’s music feels like home. This band and I grew up together. Hanson has been an important constant for me. This project is such a good way to show even just a little bit of my appreciation to these men who have brought such joy to my life. It was neat collaborating with all of these women who share the same passion for Hanson's music. It definitely was a step out of my comfort zone but I had fun! I got to spend some great time with my Dad as he was my videographer. I can honestly say, I've never been a part of anything like this!!


Optician Technician & Booking / Marketing Agent for the band “What Is Broken”
Williamstown, New Jersey, USA

I always wanted to represent my favorite band in something special. I saw Barbara’s post about making this video and I knew it would take elbow grease but I also knew I just had to do it! This project was in some ways challenging but always fun. I now feel more confident to start doing my vlog and I loved coming together with these women. It’s changed me, we are like family. I’ve been a Hanson fan since ’97 and a devoted fan since “This Time Around” was released. Hanson both as a band and individually have done so much for their fans. Personally, I feel like I wanted to give back to them. Being a part of this project allowed me to do just that!


Nurse Aide / Nursing student
Alabaster, Alabama, USA



I've always been passionate about music, singing, and Hanson. Choosing to join this project was exciting and felt like a no-brainer. This project has been a challenge. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me the opportunity to connect with a group of amazing women. There have been once in a lifetime memories made! I mean, who else can say they spilled an entire container of cat food on their bathroom floor while naked in the shower making a music video?!